About Us

Mission Statement

Our company's mission is to directly supply our customers with the highest quality corn husks at reasonable prices.


We provide a cleaned, trimmed, stacked, counted and sized corn husk product that will simplify the process, reduce waste, and save production time and expense.

The costly and time consuming work of cleaning, sorting, trimming to size, counting and packaging (120 leaves per pack) has been done. Therefore our corn husk products reduce labor and production expenses associated with the above processes, making it easier to predict and control production costs.

We manufacture and market a "Corazon (heart shaped) Cross Stacked Corn Husk Pack" in five sizes. Our AA (Small) size is well suited for the Texas tamale enthusiast. The A* (Extra-Large) size will accommodate those monster West Coast tamales. We also have A+ (Medium) and the A (Large) sizes for those tamales in between.

Our corazon corn husk products are packed in clean, white, well-labeled boxes.  Inventory is available in our Dallas, Texas warehouse throughout the year. We ship by common carrier ground delivery. Freight charges are as close to actual cost as possible. There are no hassles or hidden costs.

Call for more information 214-369-7706 or email us. Please give us an opportunity to make your tamale production quicker, easier and more cost effective!

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